Customer Segmentation


  • Identify and characterize the types of existing customers
  • Better understand the priority actions of each type of user
  • Customize CRM (products, special offers, etc.) to increase purchase frequency and average ticket
  • Develop actionable segmentation from a business perspective


  • Customer profiles
  • Purchase history
  • Product features
  • Special offers
  • Online activity


  • Development of advanced variables
  • Clusterization of segments and microsegments
  • Description of segments and migration analysis
  • Application of business rules


  • Definition of actions targeting customer segments
  • Execution of targeted campaigns
  • Strategic recommendations for customer management


  • Increased return from targeted actions, now more relevant to the characteristics of each segment
  • Better knowledge of the database of customers, their behaviour and evolution over time
  • Design of new actions based on analysis of the segments created

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