Implementation of Big Data


  • Establish a professional analytical environment with scalable technology for an airline
  • Implement data analysis processes, including ad-hoc analysis and insight generation processes
  • Improve the recommendation system and industrialize its use in campaign management
  • Rigorous measurement of results and the significant increase of response rates


  • Loading and integration of data from multiple sources
  • Overnight data loading
  • Daily availability for analysis


  • Implementation of a production Hadoop cluster in the cloud
  • Migration and updating of ETL processes to the new cluster
  • Installation of a specialized server for data analysis
  • Development of a Collaborative Filtering algorithm
  • Design of evaluation and backtesting methodology
  • Incorporation of campaign and search information in the algorithm


  • Segmentation of users based on their usage patterns
  • Coordination with the company’s management structure
  • Selection of optimal software providers


  • Cost reduction through adjusting the number of cluster nodes and the technical characteristics of each, and being able to shut down machines when not needed
  • Correction of errors in existing processes
  • Facilitation of vertical and horizontal scaling of the cluster when required
  • Improved quality of the system’s recommendations
  • Improved calculation times with better infrastructure and use of resources

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