Optimization of Non-Contractual Campaigns


  • Detection of active users with low probability of future purchase
  • Prioritization of incentives based on customer value


  • User descriptions
  • Data from previous purchases
  • Product taxonomy


  • Development of non-contractual models (no request for withdrawal)
  • Detection of users with a planned future purchase which could cannibalize the margin if included in campaigns
  • Detection of users with low probability of purchase that could be incentive campaign targets without risk of cannibalization


  • Careful definition of both predictor variables and explanatory variables
  • Validation of the business sense of predictions obtained and the effects of explanatory variables


  • Satisfactory prediction of users who would make a purchase in the coming weeks
  • Increased ROI from purchase incentive campaigns
  • Avoidance of cannibalization by anticipation of future purchases
  • Definition of appropriate incentives per user

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