Optimizing POS Locations


  • Quantify losses due to lack of capillarity in the retail outlet network
  • Identify areas with low (or no) coverage and high sales potential
  • Define areas with the greatest potential for increased net sales, for prioritization in the policy of opening new POS


  • Location and characteristics of POS
  • External geo-referenced data
  • Sales history for POS and type of day


  • Detection models for dark areas and grey areas
  • Predictive models for geo-referenced potential demand
  • Cannibalization models for existing POS


  • Prioritization management for the opening of new retail sales outlets
  • Justification for decisions on the replacement of outlets to be closed


  • Increase in potential sales between 5% and 10% from a network of outlets with greater capillarity
  • Identification, characterization and prioritization of opening of outlets (management efficiency)

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