Personalized Recommendation


  • Reduce user effort required to find products of interest
  • Maximize revenue while optimizing conversion rates by presenting the offers most attractive to each user
  • Develop the capacity to recommend products without a sales history and modify the recommendation based on available stock


  • User profiles
  • Purchase history
  • Browsing history
  • Abandoned carts
  • Newsletter clicks
  • Campaign responses
  • Product taxonomy


  • Affinity analysis
  • Offer diversification
  • No repeat of already viewed offers
  • Prioritization of new products
  • Algorithms with high parallelization


  • Integration with mailing and web tools
  • System operation in accordance with KPI’s (conversion, revenue, margin)
  • Recommendations for users with no purchase history
  • Ability to include expert rules


  • Increase in net margin between 5% and 20% for the online channel according to customer and sector
  • Increased sales in the off-line channel for retailers with a network of retail outlets
  • Self-learning algorithms for continuous improvement

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