Stock Redistribution


  • Balance inventory between stores with excess stock and stores where demand exceeds supply
  • High computational efficiency, having to evaluate more than 8,000 SKUs in more than 2,000 stores
  • Increase retailer’s global revenue, based on prioritization of the most profitable movements


  • Location of outlets
  • Store typology
  • Stocks and product taxonomy
  • Sales history and predictions
  • Transport costs and times


  • Algorithm capable of analyzing millions of possible movements and recommending the most profitable
  • Highly flexible parametrization: incorporation of size curves, rules for out-of-stocks, logistics costs, etc.


  • Total control over costs and expected return
  • Diagnostics according to trading volume, transport costs, merchandise value, etc.
  • Advancements in the management of handovers, opening and closing of stores, and stock consumption


  • Sales increases of up to 60%
  • Greater capacity to detect and move unbalanced products
  • Integration with the most popular market databases, both cloud and client server based
  • Full integration with our seasonal forecasting engine, where the client has the same

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